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Vinimay Magic Remover - Extra Fast Gel Nail Polish Remover

Remove your nail gel polish quickly and safely!

Our Magic Soak-Off Gel Polish Remover will do the trick! No more soaking in acetone. No more foils. No more scraping. No more sanding and filing them off!

There’s this misconception that gel ruins your nails and that's really not the case — it's gel removal that can ruin your nails. But not anymore! Just apply the Magic Soak-Off Gel Polish Remover over the nails and peel off after 2 minutes! Super simple and easy! It works by breaking down the gel polish surface almost instantly. 

With the Magic Soak-Off Gel Polish Remover, you no longer need to go to a professional nail salon to get it done. 

  • SAFE AND ALL NATURAL - does not contain harmful substances. Its a gel extracted from plants, and its composition is the same as that of remover gel water.
  • QUICK AND EASY - If there is only one layer of color coat, it will work in 2-10 minutes, but if there is more base coat than the color layer and top coat, it may take 5-15 minutes to work.
  • NAIL FRIENDLY - Compared to traditional Gel Remover, it does not damage the nails and the remover gel rate reaches up to 98%.
  • SAVE MONEY AND TIME - no need to go to the salon just to remove your gel polish! MagicRemover will do it for you real quick. 


1. Please polish the top coat first, and then smear the MagicRemover
2. If NOT polished with top coat, the magic remover will take much more time when to work for about 5 -15 minutes, nail polish will burst and fall off, then you can easily remove the nail polish.

Magic Soak-Off Gel Polish Remover


Our product cannot touch the skin, its volatile solvents will volatilize for a short time, and absorb the moisture in the extreme time, and lose moisture on the surface of the skin, resulting in a slight burning sensation. There is a slightly cool sensation during nail removal, to an acceptable degree.