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Payments And Order infromation

Choose the items you feel interested in and click Add to my cart" button. Thirdly, click the “go to checkout” button and fill in payment information step by step.

1)The reason why cannot successfully place the order:
First, the billing address and the delivery address are different. Second, the name of cardholder is not the same with the recipient’s. Third, guests did not correctly fill in payment information, i.e. the card number. Forth, the place (city) where you pay the bill is not the place (city) where you opened the bank account. Fifth, the money in your account is insufficient now. The last, an adverse payment records may lead to payment failure, etc.

2)How to successfully place the order?
Please put the Visa card in the first place when you place the order among all your credit cards. You may try it again through these tips. Firstly, you could try again with your own Visa Card and then you will successfully finish it. Secondly, you could use your other Visa Card to deal with this transaction, or use your family member’s (someone else you trust very much). One thing should be pointed out is the package will be sent to the person who pays the bill, for the billing address and the delivery address should be the same. Thirdly, if you are overcharged or pay the bill successfully for more than once in process of payment, please do not worry and we will send the extra money back to you.

Yes, products of our website are all in stock right now. We also provide custom- made service if necessary. You can go to the page of Contact us.

They are all in good quality, which can be guaranteed. We treat the business reputation as important as our life.

Of course, we processed the order through 100% secured "http" servers. Meanwhile, we won't share your personal information for any marketing or advertising use. We only use the information for contacting you (sending you e-mails) with your permission. We will keep strictly to the Privacy Policy listed above.

Your payment is secure with us, for we have the professional payment service company that has gained the official authentication by Visa and Master Card. Even if certain situations happen you can lodge a complaint to Visa within 6 months, like wrong remittance.

Due to technical restrictions, you are not able to change or cancel your order prior to delivery once it has been confirmed. If you would like to purchase a different item, or no longer wish to receive your order, please return the item you don't want within 30 days of receipt ( see return policy) and place a new order if desired. For further assistance, please contact our Customer Service Team.

We are able to provide a very low price but in good quality products, for being online, we can take advantages of the lower cost of operation. For example, we have no expensive stores to lease, air condition to install,cleaning fee to pay. All orders are placed online by the customer.

We accept Visa and Master Card. Please put the Visa card in the first place when you place the order among all your credit cards.


Yes worldwide free shipping

All orders ship from a central distribution center; therefore, shipping costs differ slightly from country to country. 

Customers could get the confirmation e-mail including the order information and tracking number within 3 working days after being dispatched, the order within max 14 working days for the most part, but within 12 working days at most under special circumstances. Big cities like New York, London, etc. could get the package within 7 working days after being dispatched.

Yes, We shipping worldwide

All orders ship from a central distribution center; therefore, shipping times differ slightly depending on the country in which you place your order.

1)We will resend a new product to you or refund your money unconditionally out of poor quality or your dissatisfaction with the product. However, you need to pay the transportation expense if it is you who want to exchange the order or do not want the order because of your interest changes.
2)Please contact us here. Our customer service representatives will show you how to deal with the process of exchange & return in a detailed way.