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New Professional Electric Nail Drill Kit

Our new Professional Electric Nail Drill allows you to do in just a few minutes what used to take you forever!


  • Multifunction - sculpt, engrave, file, sharpen, and polish!
  • Electrically charged (cable charger included)
  • Professional level - suited for both at-home use and professional salon use


  • Inward voltage: 110-240 V/50-60 Hz CA
  • Outward voltage: 12 V CC

How to use:

  1. Press the button
  2. Keep pressing the button and rotate the swivel to remove
  3. Insert the accessory tool you need
  4. Press the button and swivel back to attach the accessory tool 

What is each accessory tool for? 

  1. Cuticle pusher: removes dead skin, keeps cuticles clean and eliminates calluses.
  2. Thin sharpening tool: carves out hard-to-reach corners,
  3. Sculpting tool: smoothes and softens very thick nails with rough surfaces,
  4. Polishing tool: to polish the nail and generate a healthy shine, eliminates cuticles and stimulates nail growth.
  5. Same as 4.
  6. Emery tool (use with files): shapes the nails and smoothes the edges.