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New Electric Hair Brush - Straighten And Curl In Minutes!


This new Electric Hair Brush will straighten, curl, or comb your hair however you desire in just a few minutes!

Why you’ll love it?

  • Professional level results with beautiful straight or curly hair in minutes.
  • Allows you to quickly get ready in the morning without the need to spend such a long time with hair dryers and things like that!
  • This comb leaves your hair extremely silky and soft from the first brush. It warms up to 290ºF in 30 seconds, with a maximum temperature of 375ºF.

Main Features:

  • Silky and healthy hair instantaneously 

It makes your hair come alive, while keeping the volume intact and leaving it in such a way which is extremely easy to style. 1 brush is enough to see the astounding results.

  • Hair care with anion technology

The brush releases nano-anions through the heated surface, building a protective layer which helps to protect your hair against damage, dryness and reduces hair loss.

  • Save time and say goodbye to burns

With PTC heating technology, the device warms up to maximum temperature in 60 seconds, saving you a lot of time! It also comes with a protective heating system which eliminates the risk of burning your hair.

  • 5 levels of potency and automatic shutdown

There are 5 different levels between 265ºF and 375ºF, allowing you to personalize it to your needs. These different personalized levels guarantee that the brush is suitable for any hair type, be it thin, thick, colored, curvled, frizy, or any other type! With a highly intuitive interface, easily switch between levels. The automatic shutdown adds a layer of safety, in case you forget to turn it off after using.

  • Perfect for travel

It’s small and compact size allows you to save space on your suitcase or bag and take it anywhere you go!


  • Heating temperature: 265ºF - 375ºF
  • Voltage: 110 V-220 V
  • Wattage: 45 W

Guide for picking the temperature:

  • 265ºF - better for thin and soft hair
  • 290ºF - better for regular or curly hair
  • 320ºF/350ºF - better for blonde or colored hair
  • 375ºF - better for thick, curly, and hair that is hard to straighten